Tutorial 13)
Injection recovery tests

Imagine you have found some transits, modeled them, and and identified the planets and their properties.

But now you wonder: What else is hiding in the lightcurve? Might there be another Earth-sized planet orbiting somewhere in a temperate zone?

For this, allesfitter provides a convenient wrapper around ellc and tls, in order to inject and recover transit signals.

All Tutorial 12 codes and data are available on GitHub. Just click one of the buttons below:

from allesfitter import read_csv

from allesfitter.detection.injection_recovery import inject_and_tls_search

time, flux, flux_err = read_csv('Leonardo.csv')

periods = [1,2,3,4,5] #list of injection periods in days

rplanets = [1,2,3,4,5] #list of injection rplanets in Rearth

logfname = 'injection_recovery_test.csv'

inject_and_tls_search(time, flux, flux_err,

periods, rplanets, logfname,


If you know the star's radius and mass, and/or want additional diagnostic plots, please see the API to learn how to add these infos.