Tutorial 12: Injection recovery tests

Imagine you have found some transits, modeled them, and and identified the planets and their properties.

But now you wonder: What else is hiding in the lightcurve? Might there be another Earth-sized planet orbiting somewhere in a temperate zone?

For this, allesfitter provides a convenient wrapper around ellc and tls, in order to inject and recover transit signals.

All tutorial codes available on GitHub.

import numpy as np
from allesfitter.transit_search.injection_recovery import inject_and_tls_search

time, flux, flux_err = np.genfromtxt('Leonardo.csv', delimiter=',', unpack=True)
periods = [1,2,3,4,5] #list of injection periods in days
rplanets = [1,2,3,4,5] #list of injection rplanets in Rearth
logfname = 'injection_recovery_test.csv'

inject_and_tls_search(time, flux, flux_err, 
                      periods, rplanets, logfname, 

If you know the star's radius and mass, and/or want additional diagnostic plots, please see the API to learn how to add these infos.