Allesfitter (in the) Classroom

Allesfitter’s outreach and teaching-friendly graphical user interface is now hosted in the cloud - nicknamed allesfitter classroom!
Perfect for the classroom and beyond!

We are now hosting and running allesfitter in the cloud in a graphical Jupyter Notebook interface, powered by Binder and JupyterHub! Teachers and veteran exoplaneteers can use allesfitter classroom as a tool for high school classes, university lectures, and outreach events.

Learners can immediately start to model TESS light curves and more -- without any prior coding knowledge or software installation. Up to roughly 30 students can access allesfitter classroom at a time. Each student has their own copy of the allesfitter GUI and can work with different data sets, including instructive tutorials that have already been created!

Click here to launch your own allesfitter classroom! :)

Step-by-step into the classroom:

  • Click the launch button above

  • You will see a loading circle in the top, a console terminal below, and a non-interactive Jupyter interface at the bottom. Wait for about 15 seconds, and you will be redirected into a fully interactive Jupyter interface. (Your very first launch might take a few minutes - we're working on solving this issue.)

  • Once you are there, click on "allesfitter" to open that folder, and then click on "GUI.ipynb" to launch the Jupyter notebook.

  • Now you see the real deal! Click on "Kernel -> Restart & Run All" to get rid of the code and see a beautiful GUI.

  • And you are ready to roll! Simply follow the crash course from now on. And have fun!

Many thanks to MIT undergraduate Aidan van Duzer and TESS TOI manager Natalia Guerrero for helping us realize this project! :)